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Size doesn't always matter

“I’m a size 6. I’m not buying those pants, they are a size 8.” Have you ever said or thought this? Or maybe heard someone else say this, even if the pants fit perfectly? Once we are set in the size we are it can sometimes be tough to change our minds, regardless of how the clothing fits. My mom sent me an image on Facebook earlier this week that had me thinking more about this phenomenon. It showed three different pairs of shorts from the same company and the smallest size to the eye was actually the largest size on the tag. The caption included a reminder that size doesn’t matter.

Size really doesn’t matter. Just like your actual weight, the size of your clothes is not always an indicator of health. If anything, all it does is mess up the emotional and psychological relationship we have with ourselves. When it isn’t the size or the weight on the scale we are expecting we begin to question our bodies. If you look closer this really has nothing to do with you but everything to do with the companies who are creating the clothing in the first place. No clothing line is consistent with the other - sometimes they can’t even stay consistent within their own brand - which means your size is irrelevant.

What’s my rule of thumb when shopping?

Buy what fits me comfortably. Buy what I love right away and know that I will actually wear it outside of the change room. Use the sizing as a reference but then adjust accordingly depending on the fit.


Clothing can play a lot into one’s confidence. Love your outfit and you will stand a little taller. Feel uncomfortable in your clothes and you will constantly be readjusting all day. Buy the clothes that fit your body now, not the one you used to have or aspire to grow into. The relationship with your own self, physically, mentally, and emotionally, will thank you later for having you feel confident and give off your best self to the world!

Yours in self-discovery,


How are you leaving a positive legacy for younger generations?

Even though I am only turning 25 in September it seems that life has changed dramatically for pre-teens and teenagers since I was in middle and high school. I can’t imagine how it must be with the multiple social media platforms, bullying, cell phones, and the peer pressure that goes with all of it. I am not sure if it is better to be a kid growing up or to be the parent that has to navigate all life’s experiences in such a different way today. Either way, I feel that even as a young adult, I can give back to the younger generations. As adults navigating our way through our own experiences, let’s not forget to inspire and encourage those who look up to us. Today I have compiled a list of ways that you can ensure you are inspiring and motivating positivity into the next generation.

  1. Model positive behaviour. Young people are easily influenced and remember all that you say and do. If you feel insecure or lack confidence in certain areas they will see that and remember. Ensure that you are modelling the positive relationship you want young people to have with their own bodies. Work hard and they will see that and want to work hard as well to earn all that they desire.
  2. Compliment on all of the things. Comments on appearance have their time and place but they shouldn’t be the only thing we praise. Personality, work ethic, intelligence, and compassion are just a small sample size of the other things we can celebrate in someone else. In today’s world of instant gratification and looking at the physical, it is important to remind young people that there are so many other things that define a good person.
  3. Social media versus real life. Interact with young people in person, face to face. As we all adapt with the times and use more technology and social media, we forget about the importance of building real relationships. Remind young people to speak with confidence, listen intently, and to make eye contact to show interest. These small reminders can go a long way when it comes to interviews and career opportunities in the future. Work on hand shaking too! Every time I meet someone new I give them a firm handshake!
  4. Encourage a positive relationship with food and movement. The diet culture is nothing new but as young people become influenced to attain a certain body type found on social media we must focus on developing positive habits. Ditch the diets and develop a relationship with yourself in which you can properly nourish yourself with real, whole foods. Movement should be fun and something you look forward to, not a punishment.
  5. Develop compassion. Life is not all about me, or you, even though we sometimes can lose sight of that. Care for others, understand someone else’s view point or experience. Be a giver. You don’t always have to be on the receiving end of a good deed or act of kindness. What you give out to the world you will get back.

There are so many things that we as adults regardless of age can share with our younger family members, friends, athletes, whomever! They are at the perfect age to be easily influenced so let’s make it our mission to encourage positive behaviours towards themselves and to others around them. 

What do you do to ensure your children, grandchildren, and younger generations are influenced positively by your words and actions? 

Yours in self-discovery,


Get fit without breaking the bank

Are you a millennial in Toronto, sitting on the balcony of your highly expensive condo, wondering how to experience all of what the fitness world has to offer without breaking the bank? I can promise you that you are not alone. If you live in the heart of downtown Toronto, just like myself, you can be easily influenced to give all the fancy Instagram worthy workouts a try. However, if you need to pay rent because you want to continue sitting out on that balcony, how is this even possible?

Fitness is now becoming a luxury. If it weren’t for perks, like access to studios and gyms I work at, and workout gear from my time at Nike, I too would be scrambling to fit it all within my budget. Although I don’t have all of the answers, listen up because I have created a short list of things to consider when trying to get those workouts in. 

  1. Class packages. Group classes are a minimum of $25 at most studies downtown BUT lots of studios offer intro packages or discounts at special times of the year. Take advantage of that! Before investing in a particular studio try out their introductory offer so you know it is worth it for you. When you see the sales, buy the class packages so you can save a few dollars per class. Every dollar saved adds up when you are trying to get the most bang for your buck.
  2. Purchase staple items. Now I honestly cannot speak from experience because I have SO many clothes from my days working at Nike. However, before my time there I only had a few sports bras and a few of my go-to leggings. Workout gear is expensive so shop smart. Make your purchases based on what you are doing. Probably not a good idea to buy the cute bra at Lululemon for yoga when you are a runner and need more support. Choose staples that make sense for your type of workout and can be mixed and matched for new outfits. A few pieces can go a long way.
  3. Invest in proper footwear. If you are going to spend money on one thing to get you through your workouts it should be footwear. We can look cute in our outfits, but if our shoes don’t provide proper support for our individual needs it can lead to injury or discomfort during a workout. 
  4. Get creative! As much as we want to try all of the studios along Queen, Richmond, Adelaide, and King, not all workouts need to be done in a studio or gym setting. Grab a workout buddy, go for a run, workout in the park, or find a workout app that you can do in the comfort of your own home. This can add variety to your routine and you can save your money for those workouts that require specific equipment and proper instruction.
  5. Take advantage of small businesses. Of course I want you to come try my classes, but there are a lot of other instructors out there like me who want to offer you affordable workout experiences. Seek out the monthly discounted classes, the 2 for 1 deals, and the $10 classes. From my experience, the value you get from a small business owner who is actually running their own class is worth it. You are able to build a stronger relationship with the instructor and in turn will see more results.

I hope this small list can give some inspiration where it is needed in a city that can seem expensive at times…okay, all the time. Remember that fitness can be made more affordable if we plan our workouts in advance and be smart about our decisions. At Discover You my goal is to make movement accessible so the most I charge is $20 a class! Even if you aren’t able to experience one of my classes, remember that movement is vital to our physical and mental health and should not take a back seat when it comes to our overall well-being.

Yours in self-discovery,