What is the best workout?

What is the best workout? Exercise? Fitness modality? There are so many options out there from group fitness classes, online workouts, strength training, low impact, high impact - it can be a difficult scene to navigate. Every person is different, so the short answer is that there is no one best workout or movement out there. 

For me personally right now, the best workouts seem to be a combination of one barre or Pilates class a week, a few running progressions, and two strength training workouts. It is what has my body feeling and moving its best. It not only leaves me feeling physically stronger, but mentally ready for whatever else I have to get through in a day.

Discover You Blog Nov 15 2018

When trying to navigate the best workout for you there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • what do you enjoy doing?

  • what movements allow you to relieve stress and feel mental clarity post-workout?

  • what workouts keep you coming back for more?

  • can you maintain interest and energy for it long term?

  • do you see progress and movement towards achieving your personal goals?

  • do you feel physically stronger and more energized afterwards?

This looks different for everyone. There is no one answer. If going for a walk around the block every morning makes you feel good, run(walk) with it! If boxing twice a week, playing pick up soccer, and doing a weekend yoga session works, keep going! We can all look at the science, the studies and results that came to be, but unless you find something that can answer the questions above it doesn’t matter. 

Sustainability is key. The goal is to maintain whatever it is you are doing for the long term. We workout for so many reasons but we can’t forget how integral it is into providing us the capacity to accomplish life’s demands. 

Find what works. Stick to it. Movement is for the long run. Get after it!

Yours in self-discovery,