Reevaluating Goals Post-Labour Day Weekend

How the heck did we make it to Labour Day weekend?! Although I have no idea how we got to September, looking back I am so happy with the summer I have had. Cottage weekends, family time, and down time were everything I needed after a long winter of work. I love working, but I easily say yes to everything and am often left feeling burnt out. This summer I dedicated my time to saying no to others (as hard as it was!), and saying yes to me and my needs. I am thankful for taking the time for me because I am feeling rested and reenergized to tackle all that is to come the rest of this year!

September can be a time where we do one of two things. We can get super motivated after the summer to get back on track with our health and fitness routines or, we can continue down the unmotivated path we have been on post-summertime and feel like we need to wait until January to get our act together. Today I challenge you to not wait, and start today on whatever goals and intentions you have set for yourself!

Whether you have set physical goals, or other personal or professional goals for yourself, now is as good of a time as any to start focusing in on them. Take a look back at what you intended to accomplish and revamp your list to end the year on an even stronger note than you started!

I took time at the beginning of the year to set personal, health, and professional goals for myself. I came across the list this week and am pleased at all that I have accomplished. Although I’ve had lots of successful moments, I know I have more to do. 

Me completing a health goal yesterday (August 31st) I set for myself in January 2019 - running nonstop for 30 minutes!

Me completing a health goal yesterday (August 31st) I set for myself in January 2019 - running nonstop for 30 minutes!

I have reevaluated using the processes below to finish off 2019 strong!

  • Determine the true intentions and goals you want to set. I have set things aside for early 2020 because I know that I have more ideas and goals than there is time for 2019. It is all about being realistic for the timeline left so you can do the best job at those few things. It doesn’t mean you are giving up on the goals and dreams, it means recognizing the limits you are currently faced with and working within them. 

  • Prioritize the list. What must get done today, next week, next month, and make a plan. It doesn’t mean that things won’t ever get done, but it is acknowledging the urgency. Sometimes I am quick to finish the easier, shorter, less tedious tasks on my list first, but sometimes I just need to hunker down with a larger project and push through because it has more significance.

  • Write them down and schedule time for yourself to work on them! I love to write my goals down so I can always look back at them at a later date. I have also decided to spend a day (last Sunday) planning for my month in advance. I wrote down all that needs to be accomplished and then scheduled it into my colour-coded calendar. Saying things is one thing, but actually scheduling them and accomplishing the task is another. One week in and so far so good! When you plan ahead you are less likely to make excuses and actually get things done!

  • Share them! I know some people say it is best not to tell a whole bunch of people your goals and to work silently, but I find power in sharing. When I share my dreams and goals it not only motivates me to keep me on track, but I also think it inspires others to reach their highest potential too. I also love that people check in on me and ask how my plans are coming along. Those around you want to see you succeed so share your desires and you might just have a little team cheering for you all the way!

Rather than being sad to see summer come and go, let’s be excited that we are given the opportunity to re-establish routines and reflect and revise our goals this September!

Happy Long Weekend!

Yours in self-discovery,