The Discover You Philosophy

The fitness world can be an intimidating space to enter. There are so many fads, studios, workout modalities, and influences. From the outside it can seem confusing as to what works best and who to seek your advice from. It can be overwhelming from a professional standpoint, so I can’t imagine the extra stress it can cause someone who is trying to enter or reenter the fitness scene and commit time to their physical well-being.

I have always loved fitness and movement and have been involved with dance and sports my entire life. The experiences I have had with my body and movement have always been positive, but I recognize that not everyone can say the same. When creating the Discover You community, I wanted to ensure that the space I was holding for others to move was welcoming and all-inclusive, regardless of your previous experience. Everyone comes to workout for different reasons and I wanted to be able to offer something that worked for a variety of people. 

Discover You Blog September 5th 2019

The main reasons clients have become part of the community include, but are not limited to:

  • get physically stronger

  • meeting like-minded individuals

  • becoming part of a community

  • learning something new

  • moving their body in a new way

  • gaining confidence

  • committing to self-care in the form of physical health

  • managing stress, anxiety, and mental well-being

Because of that I have created different classes and opportunities including:

  • weekly drop-in classes for Pilates and Cardio Jam

  • monthly registered Strength classes

  • personal development workshops

  • online training programs

  • in-person training

  • retreats (first one on November 2nd!!!)

My hope is that with the variety of offerings and class types I can meet clients where they are at on their path to self-discovery and help guide them further along. The goal after every class, private session, or workshop is that people leave feeling better than when they came in, more confident in themselves and their abilities, and have learned something new about themselves.

If you have been wanting to make a change, create healthier habits, or give a class or training session a try, please reach out to me. I want to work alongside you to get you feeling your best!

Yours in self-discovery,


Rachel Fackoury