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What is the best workout?

What is the best workout? Exercise? Fitness modality? There are so many options out there from group fitness classes, online workouts, strength training, low impact, high impact - it can be a difficult scene to navigate. Every person is different, so the short answer is that there is no one best workout or movement out there. 

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Getting your groove back

Have you ever felt like you were in a workout funk - lacking motivation and feeling that with each passing day you are further removing yourself from where you once used to be? This is usually the hardest place to get out of because with each day that goes by you know it is going to be that much more difficult physically and mentally to get back into that routine

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Pivot or Push Forward

Although I have been working for about seven years in the fitness industry, I have only officially been running my own business for roughly one year. It is by no means my full time income as I am contracted at the studios I currently teach at but I am trying to best see how I fit into the Toronto fitness scene. Over the past few weeks I have felt really discouraged about where I see myself. It isn’t so much of me comparing myself to others as it is thinking of where I envisioned myself being and having a harder time achieving it than I anticipated.

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